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Snow is falling as I speak. Come on by and I will show you.

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Time Travel – Going Back In Time To Advise Your Younger Self

Write a letter to your younger self offering SPECIFIC, easy-to-implement tips. Maybe even consider mailing it to the place you lived at the time in question.

Tell yourself things that you probably already knew then, but in a sea of other things, you didn’t know to assign more weight to given things. You probably had the smarts but lacked some wisdom. Smarts is knowing most everything, wisdom is knowing that you do not need to know everything, can farm out many things, should wait till you get to that bridge and you shouldn’t dissipate your energy on all things, just the wise things. Prioritize being willing to give up 20%.

For many things, he just needed support to pursue the obvious. Tell him to inquire of others so he doesn’t lose sight of the obvious. Often we lose sight of the obvious that is hidden in plain sight.

Tell him to do things to avoid future regrets. However, be reluctant to say things like, “go up to women and risk rejection” because even years later you would not do it! Rejection still sucks. Avoid it as much as possible by carefully evaluating body language, absent ego and interest in her.

It can’t be complicated or vague advice. I mean, you can’t say, “be funny” or “be smooth”. Like, duh! Even your younger self knew that stuff, it was just easier said than done. He is being as funny and smooth as he can be within what was feasible at the time!

Stick to things you know he can do, already, but has perhaps underweighted it. For example, I know my younger self knew how to buy clothes and had the money to so do. However, I would tell him that he is being penny wise and pound foolish not to buy new clothes more often. I needed to change my wardrobe to basic stuff. Do it NOT FOR WOMEN, I would say, but for yourself! You will feel better and it will more than pay for itself. It is an investment in ME which will beat the return you’d get investing that in stocks.

I would also tell my younger self to capitalize on the existing strength and training I had in accounting, which was more inline with my personality type than marketing. There were tons of accounting jobs, in many close with cities and much less politics.

I would say that he sell that old car before it bites the dust. Get as good a car as you can afford that isn’t the typical car, like a black SUV with tinted glass. Ask around. If no one you know is selling such a car, go to a dealer. Sure, you will pay more but you could trade in the old car – and yes get less than what you could theoretically pay for but in actuality after sales costs and haggling with potential buyers do no better. Besides, you knock two birds out with one stone.

A dealer is more pricey but you get the trade-in on your old car saving you hassles; they handle the paperwork; the car is probably well maintained; and you have recourse if there is a problem.

Sometimes it is worth it to pony up, even if it means holding your nose. The better car will pay off in increased confidence and sense of wealth – which will impress women and lead you to more dates which will increase your confidence overall. The better car will instill confidence to go for better paying jobs.

You can’t cheat and offer specific future event advisories. You can’t tell yourself the winning lottery numbers. Besides, even though the numbers have already been drawn, you still don’t know them now, unless you look them up.


Feel free to mention this material to others with an accompanying link to Cordially, Chris James, Editor.

Only Visible Discrimination

Forget gay rights. Keep it in your bedroom and you’ll have no problem. Does someone have to mention they like group sex? Should they say it at a meeting?

The only groups who face true discrimination and are worthy of note are ones that are visible on sight.

Simple. Forget gay rights because it is NOT blatantly obvious on sight. It is not a VISIBLE thing it is just about who you decide to bang in your bedroom and how, and that should be kept quiet!

Of those crying discrimination, only the following have a leg to stand on (visibly noticeable ones):

  • Race
  • Ethnic (provided it is obvious when seen)
  • Fat
  • Little people
  • Ugly people (how come there is no special rights for ugly people, perhaps the most discriminated against group ever?). It is every bit as bad to call someone ugly, or find them repugnant (even unattractive), as to dislike someone because they are black. Ugly people get the shaft.
  • Handicapped.
  • Women (but they are the least discriminated group and besides, have a TON of advantages granted to them simply because they are women).


Of course not.

You define yourself by what you do in the bedroom? I don’t. Keep it to yourself.

Don’t ask.

Don’t tell.

Keep it to yourself and you can’t be discriminated against. Unfair? I don’t get to mention MY SEX HABITS, why should YOU? No one has to accept MY sex habits.


Now, I am NOT speaking about every gay, just the vocal ones. Hush!

Think of the resources you have wasted and forced others to waste. Opportunity cost. You should be ashamed.

We are not enlightened by virtue of the fact that we tolerate, accept and push a sexual act. In time, they will look back on this era as the “gullible” era, dark ages II.

It is NOT enlightened to squander precious, limited resources.

Children are dying of cancer why morons squander resources in an attempt to APPEAR ENLIGHTENED.

Why does this generation think it is the most special ever? Are we any smarter? No. Our brain size is no bigger than the people who lived in the year 1,000. In fact, a case can be made that we are dumber than ever before, what with all the pollutants in the air, pesticides and other chemicals in our food and water, preservatives, etc.

We do not think much because computers and other things do most of the work for us. Thus, we do not exercise our minds as much as before. Thus, we are dumber than ever.

People do not get outside as much as before. They do not get as much fresh air. People do not exercise as much.

Thus, we are dumber. We are NOT more enlightened, we are just more GULLIBLE than ever.

No one knows when I walk down the street what my orientation is, er, what I do in my bedroom. So, how can I ever be discriminated on that factor? But, if I am black, a little person,

Women are the least discriminated VISIBLE GROUP. Only a tiny percent of women have been discriminated against and only in a tiny percent of ways.

And, it may even be worse these days because they MUST work whereas in the “old days” they never HAD to. I can assure you there are many, many women who wish they did not have to work; many women who dislike working.

Equal wages. And, in some cases sexual harassment. That is all feminism should fixate on. After that, they got it easy.

As far as wages go, it is actually rare that a woman is paid less. Do not use average of all women in all jobs because they often have less experience, become stay-at-home moms, or do not seek out jobs that pay more.

Compare women of the same age and experience, in the same city, same job title vs. men. Their is much less wage discrepancy. Stop the propaganda and go with the truth, instead.

Yet, they are visible.

Feel free to mention this material to others with an accompanying link to Cordially, Chris James, Editor.

The System Is So Corrupt – Head To Toe

We need a fresh start. This system can’t be saved. Game over.

Democracy II

It is time that we toss this so called “representative” government of merely talking-head bafoons who wine and dine, get free travel, free maid service, free security detail, huge salaries, major connections to make more money, book deals, paid speeches, etc.

Replace it with PROBLEM SOLVERS.

Let’s aim for a government that provides basic and highly efficient infrastructure.

We do not need speeches. We do not need talking heads. We want people who roll up their sleeves and act.

We need a government fixated on the MAJOR problems we ALL share where the government can most help, that are least intrusive (and least right-depriving).

Why in the hell does the government choose the least effective yet most tyrannical methods to solve problems? If it is because they have nothing else then get them off the topic and on to something else!

I am NOT saying I want the government to butt its iron face into our affairs. Instead, I would like their assistance on CERTAIN SUBJECTS, things they are good at solving without interfering with our lives.

Stop fixating on minor issues the minority face. Ironcially, the minorities will benefit much more if we fixate on major problems we ALL face.

Think of the opportunity cost on measures to make gay marriage legal. The resources squandered times two because naturally people have to use resources to thwart it. What is not innately natural must be thwarted.

They wasted all these resources (time, money, manpower, psychic energy, etc.). Multiply that by two because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; people resisted this move.

What could they put the resource on INSTEAD?

Don’t you think that gays would be better off if we got rid of cancer than if they gained the right to marry? It is NOT a false dilemma because it is possible that had we put the resources on cancer research (perhaps firing politicians and replacing them with action oriented scientists) we may well have gotten rid of cancer.

Marriage aint THAT GREAT! Any straight guy would give up the RIGHT to get married in exchange for a major problem taken off the docket.

Marriage is the biggest cause of divorce. More on that point in a moment and why the government is pushing for gay marriage (think about it: What often happens after people get married? Do people make money off that action?).

One reason they have pushed for gay marriage is to try to reduce the population.

Another reason they have tried to legalize gay marriage is because most of these nitwit politicians are lawyers (many of whom are divorce lawyers) and have lawyer buddies (I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine).

Moreover, the government loves it when people get married for marriage is the most common cause of divorce, and alimony takes a person off the welfare rolls.

With so many more gays getting married, there will a SURGE IN THE NUMBER OF DIVORCES!


You talk about the one percent! The left uses that to mean, the richest of the rich. But, what about the gays, the one percent? Wow, they sure garner a lot of attention despite their limited size. If you want a good marketer, hire a gay rights organizer. Talk about hoodwinking the masses into thinking their issues merited so much attention.

They want you to believe that there is no more discriminated group than gays. In fact, they are the least discriminated group as it is NOT visibly noticeable like all the other TRULY victimized groups (little people, blacks, Hispanic, fat, etc.). Besides, you should KEEP YOUR SEX HABITS TO YOURSELF; NO ONE NEEDS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR BEDROOM ANTICS – and that is what gay is all about.

I am not defined solely by what I do in the bedroom and with whom – being straight. I NEVER play the sex card. Neither should a gay play the sex card. I do not tell people I am straight. No one knows either way and yet I am NEVER harassed.

It should be that, if you choose to announce what you do that deviates from the norm, you have to take the arrows that come with it. There are many things we keep to ourselves in many situations. So, why is it that only gays get to go public with something that deviates from the norm, and no one can speak out against it?

So, why should a gay worry about it? For all a person knows, any given straight-acting guy is gay. They never ask me and I never tell! When I walk down the street I do not interact with someone so if I were gay, they would not know. So, how could I be discriminated against?

It is not their business and not my business to make them accept me. It is not right that one should force their sexual preferences/habits on another person’s ears.

Some people like to engage in anal sex. I suspect no one knows this. No one needs to know. Why is it right that a guy tell people that he engages in gay sex but not anal sex? Both should keep it to themselves.

What if in the future there is discriminatory practices against people who have anal sex? They will never know if a given person does it or not unless he divulges it! So, keep your sexual preferences to yourself and no one will know, and you can’t possibly be discriminated against.

Since a guy who engages in group sex can’t announce it at work, why do gays announce that they are gay? If a gay can get special treatment, so too can a guy who engages in group sex.

So, gays are NOT discriminated against. No one need know your preferences. It is not right to kiss in public, so no one would ever know.

How can you tell me you are discriminated against because of factor x when no one can possibly tell if you possess factor x?

They say the “rich” do not pay their fair share, implying that NOT ONE RICH person has paid his fair share. Come on! They generalize because if they were honest and said, “some of the rich do not pay their share” it would lead you to stop generalizing and not to hate the rich, but the richer, the government. They want to create an enemy, and because the super rich are few in number, why, they use them.

In truth, the rich pay far more than their fair share. It isn’t the poor doing the hiring, donating, etc.

There are many ways to pay your fair share. The government is biased to make  you think the only legitimate form of “share paying” is via taxation, which is hogwash.

The issue is not really fair share but what is most helpful to the system. Why doesn’t the government provide PROOF that taxation is the best way to improve society? The burden of proof is on THE GOV.

It is just a matter of which distribution method is most effective: The rich giving their money to a greedy, superrich, wasteful government or investing, spending, donating it themselves.

The government needs you to think there is a big devil so they look like saints. They are seeking a scapegoat. By putting their attention on the “great Satan” you will not blame them.

Why do you care if Michael Jordan makes more than you? Do you think that if the government stole all his money you would be living better? People are all for taxing the rich yet have no evidence it would do any good. How often do you hear about the government forcing a rich guy to pay and yet nothing good comes of it? Do you ever benefit?

How sure are you that had they not gotten the judgement against a rich guy to cough up more money that you would have been worse off? How sure are you that you will be better off if the government gets more money out of the “rich”?

Where is the proof that you will live better if they force rich people to cough up more in taxes? The government has the obligation to prove we will all be better off if we steal the rich’s money versus if the rich spend their money.

Where is the proof, dear leaders?

They have no proof, they are just biased.

If you hate the rich, you must therefore hate the super-rich (the government) even more.

Stick it to the rich, they say. And, where does the money go? To the coffers of the SUPER-DUPER-RICH, and you are find with that? That makes about as much sense as saying you hate FAT people yet LOVE OBESE PEOPLE.





Feel free to mention this material to others with an accompanying link to Cordially, Chris James, Editor.

Cornerstone Of Self Defense

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of defending yourself is your core strength. I am talking about your connection to the ground. You want to be solid whereby you will maintain your balance. You need to be solid to deliver powerful strikes and resist any attack. Self defense gurus spend most of their time showing you strikes. For the most part, they are common sense and instinctive.

Really, you can use any move in any direction to counter any other move from any direction. It is mostly about the underlying logic. There are only so many ways you can counter a move and all of them you could figure out on your own. Think of the dimensions of space: forward/backward, left/right, up/down and rotation of your trunk right or left.

But, the thing is, you have to gain composure and be very balanced, or the strikes won’t be worth a dollar. So, they should spend most of their time talking about getting into a good stance and developing good core strength. The reason they don’t is because there is only so much that can be said about that and people aren’t interested in hearing about because is isn’t mystical and exciting like techniques are.

Core strength is not saleable.

But, I assure you, you would be far better off putting your time into developing your core and understanding the reason you do certain things, than on memorizing patterns and sequences.

I prefer the truth. You have be careful before assuming that which is most talked about is the most important stuff. It may be of interest to the amateur and so the expert emphasizes that. But frankly, I want to know what is most important in terms of self defense, even if I do not want to hear it, and even if it is not exciting. When confronted, the last thing you are concerned about is memorizing exciting, though impractical, methods.

When you are confronted, the most important thing to have on your side is good core strength, and that includes a good “instant” stance you go into instinctively. It has to occur automatically even if you didn’t see the attacker coming.

I won’t speak in detail about the proper instant stance here. Instead, I will address strengthening your core. Most people do not even work on their core, and that includes any given attacker. Every guy fixates on biceps and secondarily, chest muscles. You will just be another “me too” person if you put time on that.

Because you have not worked your core, you could make a lot of progress. Imagine doubling the strength of your core. That could be the difference between life and death, believe it or not.

Even if you memorize and practice a ton of strikes, if you do not have a good core, it might be all for not. On the other hand, if you did not know of any given strikes, and even if you never practiced striking, you would instinctively fire off various strikes and be able to deliver them with maximum force so long as you had a good core and maintained your balance.

Sure, learn how to strike from various positions and in various directions. Learn which targets to aim at. Learn a few basic strikes. But put most of your emphasis on building good core strength. Do not bother to remember sequential techniques.

One key reason you want to develop good core strength is that it buys you time to gain composure. See, if you do not have good “instant” core stability, you will become even more stressed. If you had good core strength you would realize he was making no headway. You would gain confidence thinking, “Gee, that was his best shot and he hasn’t budged me!” The clock is ticking on his endurance. He will start to fret that someone will come along.

Sure, you want to vacate the premises as soon as possible but if you can not, at least you have to consider that, as more time elapses and he is not making progress, the greater probability some decent person will come to your aid.

So, you now see why I stress the importance of core strength. Well, what keeps you planted firmly in the ground, yet not as if you are stuck in quicksand and can’t quickly move?

Mass without clumsiness is the best thing to ensure a solid core. Imagine if a guy tried to attack a 600 pound man who had okay balance. But, I do not recommend you gain weight, unless you are skinny (slender is fine but for a guy, but not skinny).

What you want to do is strengthen your foot’s grip on the ground. Simply practice gripping the ground with your feet. You’ll want to also perform squats to strengthen your quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and gluteus maximus muscles (buttocks). Then you want to do ab crunches and an exercise to strengthen your trunk to resist someone pushing on it. You want to be able to resist being lifted off the ground.

A trunk exercise I like involves a “Bullworker”. The Bullworker has been around for decades. It is not a complete exercise tool as it really doesn’t allow for a full range of motion. However, it has applications in self defense, with its isotonic and isometric emphasis. You probably are aware of it, but if not, it is a cylinder-like tube about 3 feet long with chords on either side.

I came up with this exercise myself. At least I think so as I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else – and I did look for it.

Stand facing a wall. Try to find a beam, or solid spot on the wall. Place one end of the Bullworker on the wall. Put the other end on your chest. Imagine an attacker is grabbing your shirt. Now, walk towards the wall. Then, get up on your tippy-toes and push your trunk forward. Then, while flat-footed, lift your toes up and move towards the wall. The next time try to just stand there as if you are resisting the move. Try various angles (such as with your back further back, etc.).

This is a very practical exercise that mimics a real world situation, and those are the best exercises! This is central to every attack mounted on you or vice versa. If you have a good core you have a huge leg up on your adversary.

In fact, probably the most common confrontation involves someone grabbing your shirt and then shoving you back, pulling you down, going for a headlock, throwing you to the side or punching you. They are trying to use you for leverage and get you off balance. Imagine their shock if they grab what feels like a massive wall. They will lose confidence and you will gain composure because he has not made any progress. From this position you can strike, push, pull or throw him.

Doing such exercises even for a month may well increase your core strength by 50%. The attacker is not expecting to deal with someone with such core strength. He is in for a shock and this is just what you want to do: Deal him the unexpected. When a person is surprised they are apt to freak out.

Feel free to mention this material to others with an accompanying link to Cordially, Chris James, Editor.
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